Helping Young Combat Veterans In Transition

Our young transitioning veterans need your support. Tens of thousands of them are unemployed, underemployed, homeless, in support programs or despondent. Sadly, veteran suicide levels are at their highest point since WWII, with 22 or more veterans taking their own lives each and every day. With your support, Veterans 360 will invite young transitioning veterans into an on-going program of engagement, education, employment, and healing. Upon graduation, we will set them on the path to a productive future with continued health, wellness, education and placement support.

“No one told them combat was easy. We need to stop telling them that civilian life is.”
Capt. Dale Dye USMC Ret.
Combat Veteran | Actor | Author

Veterans 360 advocates an education versus cure approach to these problems. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or an inability to cope. It is a sign of strength. Veterans are much more formidable when they are better educated and trained in how to deal with adversity.

No matter your political affiliation or social class, we invite you to join our movement to reverse this trend of despondency and struggle in our young transitioning veterans.

On Losing a Veteran Son to a Broken System

icon-nytimes_2 When Daniel Somers committed suicide on June 10, he left his family a letter listing the many roadblocks he had encountered in the Veterans Affairs system while seeking care for severe physical and psychological symptoms.

How, then, do you wrap your head around the fact that your 30-year-old, happily married son has taken his own life?

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Find Out How To Partner With Vets 360

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Cloud Technology Certification Training

Cloud Technology is one of the fastest growing IT fields in the world today.

Find out how, as a veteran, you are eligible for free cloud certification training through Veterans 360.

Vets 360 Welcomes “Tor” from The Mission Continues

Theophilus Kaye Tor is a Fellow from The Mission Continues, and he is overseeing Vet360’s TSRP (Therapeutic Sports and Recreation Program).

“Tor has to been to hell and back, both in combat and in civilian life. The fact that he gives his time and passion to help his fellow combat veterans is a testament to his strength of character. We are very excited to have Tor on board”.

Dr. Kathy Platoni joins Veterans 360

During her more than three decades of both active and Army Reserve status Dr. Platoni developed combat stress control, debriefings and crisis management programs utilized throughout the U.S. Army. Kathy retired from the US Army with the rank of colonel in September of 2013. As a survivor of the tragic Ft. Hood Massacre in November of 2009, she is an ardent activist for reconsideration of this shooting incident as a terrorist act.

The Washington Post | Opinions

LtGen Bernard A TrainorA Healing in Sharing War Experiences
By Bernard E. Trainor
November 29

Bernard E. Trainor is a retired Marine lieutenant general who served in Korea and Vietnam.
In case you missed the OpEd by Retired Lieutenant General Bernard E. Trainor, we have re-posted the article here in the VET360 Blog with his permission.

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Note: We are often asked why we do not engage older veterans or those with long term military service. This is always a delicate balance. The simple answer, if there is one, is that our younger veterans need this entry level type of support. Our older veterans have bought homes and cars, have family, have a lot more life and military education and a much more robust support network. Our young veterans are much more at risk, vulnerable and underserved. If we do not focus we will simply get overwhelmed and quite frankly our older veterans would be bored and not find the same value in the entry level education that we provide. We hope you understand.

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