Veterans 360 President & CFO is Sheila Cornett Cohen comes to us from a volunteer opportunity. We met Sheila at a Chamber Mixer and discovered she had skills that we needed for our organization. Sheila has an extensive background in the computer industry of over 35 years. She started with IBM in the 1980s and worked her way up to Executive Secretary. After leaving IBM, she joined a software company on the East Coast and was in the Support, Testing and Training Departments for 18 years. Sheila worked with Child Care and Non Profit companies to help manage their business with software. Sheila is also a local Realtor in the State of California and has been a small business owner for 11 years. She was a Chapter Leader and Member of the National Association of Professional Women, a Member of the National Association of Self-Employed, a Member of Trusted Business Partners and the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce. She has assisted with fundraising for Dogs for the Deaf in Oregon and our local Linfield Christian School in Temecula. Her vision is to get everyone into homeownership. Sheila has been married 38 years to husband Barry and has two grown children Monica and Steve. Sheila enjoys the beach, reading about the latest technology and family time.

Jushunica “Shauna” Oxley is the VP and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). She is a California native, who has family in surrounding the United States. Shauna is an avid athlete and spouse to a United States Marine. To be honest she had no idea about the military and military life style until a few years after her marriage. Throughout the years of deployments, moving to different duty stations and giving birth to two children she has learned the true meaning of being a proud military spouse. Shauna has a big heart and enjoys helping others and it is her honor to be apart of a great organization like Veterans 360.


Theophilus Tor, aka Tor, is the Executive Director & Chief Information Officer. He is a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran. A Magnificent Bastard from Echo 2/4. Tor fought in the Battle of Ramadi in 2004, and has lived with the effects of PTSD. Tor started his involvement with Veterans 360 in 2013 as a Mission Continues Fellow. Since then, he has volunteered to advance the mission of the organization. Tor lives in Murrieta, CA with his wife, Miatta, and their 4 daughters. He is a web/software developer and part time executive protection specialist. His proudest awards from the military are his Combat Action Ribbon and Navy Achievement Medal with a distinguishing “V” for valor. Tor also hosts the Veterans 360 podcast, Smoking N Joking, Monday through Friday @ 1800.